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Batsman Helmet Masuri

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    • Impact Protection: High-quality materials absorb impact energy for enhanced safety.
    • Custom Fit: Adjustable straps and padding ensure a secure and personalized fit.
    • Ventilation: Channels and breathable materials maintain airflow and wick moisture.
    • Grille Design: Sturdy, lightweight grille for facial protection without compromising visibility.
    • Safety Standards: Compliant with international safety standards.
    • Visor and Peak: Designed for sun protection without obstructing vision.
    • Aesthetic: Sleek design with customization options.
    • Maintenance: Removable, washable padding for easy upkeep.
SKU: VS0010

The Masuri Batsman Helmet is designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for cricket players facing fast-paced deliveries. Here are some key features typically associated with Masuri helmets:

  1. Advanced Impact Protection:
    • The helmet is engineered with high-quality materials to absorb and dissipate impact energy effectively.
    • Enhanced protection against fast bowlers and bouncers, meeting or exceeding safety standards.
  2. Customizable Fit:
    • Adjustable straps and padding allow for a personalized and secure fit.
    • Chin straps with quick-release mechanisms ensure ease of use and safety.
  3. Ventilation System:
    • Incorporated ventilation channels and breathable materials help maintain airflow during extended periods of play.
    • Moisture-wicking technology helps keep the player cool and comfortable.
  4. Grille Design:
    • The helmet features a sturdy grille design made from lightweight but durable materials.
    • The grille provides optimum protection for the face while ensuring visibility is not compromised.
  5. Compliance with Safety Standards:
    • Masuri helmets are typically compliant with international safety standards, ensuring players' safety at all levels of the game.
  6. Visor and Peak:
    • A well-designed visor and peak combination provides shade and protection from the sun without obstructing the player's vision.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal:
    • Masuri helmets often feature sleek designs with the option for customization, allowing players to express their style on the field.
  8. Easy Maintenance:
    • Removable and washable padding ensures hygiene and allows players to maintain the helmet in top condition throughout the season.

2 reviews for Batsman Helmet Masuri

  1. owasi

    original product

  2. Arsalan ali

    Bht premium quality he me ne order kia tha.
    Service or quality 2no bht achi hen

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